It’s The After Party!!!

It’s The After Party!!!

Tune into The After Party every Thursday night from 9 – Midnight on 980am WCAP.

Every week we get three hours to goof off on the air and talk about whatever we want.  We start off with some Odd News Headlines, a Beer tasting, and then on to whatever else distracts our attention.  We always looking forward to hearing from anyone who wants to chime in.  Give us a call at 978-454-4980, you might have a chance to win something.

For last few weeks shows…..go ahead and click the links below.

  Chris D, Rick Doucette – The Final Show – April 20

  Matt Barry, Rick Doucette – April 6

  Nathan Burke, Ryan Chani – March 30

  Matt Barry, Alan Richardson – March 23

  Matt Barry, Gary Hoey – March 9

  Nathan Burke, Rick Doucette, Chris D – March 2


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