Here’s are some bits you may have missed, without having to listen to the whole show….

You’re Welcome.

  Tyler gets schooled on Mallow Cups.

  Pat Regan sings about his new gf.

  Chris has a rough night in the Marines.

  Josh and Matt discussing Odd News Headlines.

  Give Rick a hand.

  Did somebody order a number eleven?

  Billy Cosby calls in.

  Odd News Headlines Traveling Montage.


  A little Improv on the After Party.


  Super Bowl recap…

  Can somebody help Chris out…

  Mark’s wants his joke.

  Mark’s Walmart revenge.

  Little Railroad is a very young blues singer that was up far past his bedtime.

  Rick just doesn’t like supermarkets.

  Cat’s have self-esteem just like the rest of us, do your cat a favor, if it’s teeth are crooked, get them fixed.

  Alan Thicke joins the show.

  A Jessica Rabbit fan calls in.

  A New Zealander and an Australian, these guys call themselves The Noggin Rappers, find out why…

  Steve Albert stops by to deliver his own Haiku News.

  Squatch pro’s didn’t pull through for an interview, so we had to leave them a voicemail.

  Mark was showing us this bag he bought from a gypsy.

  Angela Anderson the suicide coach gives us a call and offers advice.

  It’s good to book ahead of time.